People endearingly call them love handles. Others prefer to call it a muffin top. Either way, the excess fat that sits on the side of the torso is notoriously hard to lose. One would be hard pressed to find someone who is in love with his/her love handles.

Ripped Abs Obliques

People have trouble getting rid belly fat due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits. One would think these muscles would react to typical abs workouts; however, they do not. That is why people with love handles need a unique exercise routine to help then achieve their desired results.

Side Plank Crunch

To do this exercise, lie down on your left side with the left hand flat on the floor underneath your left shoulder. Next, place your right hand behind your head, and place the inside of your right foot on the floor in front of your left foot. Tighten your abs and push into the left hand to lift your body so that it forms a straight, diagonal line from head to foot. Next, crunch down and forward, bringing the right elbow to the left one. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movements ten times before switching sides.

Sledgehammer Overhead Strikes

This exercise consists of three sets of 20 repetitions each. After warming up and stretching adequately, take hold of a sledgehammer with your right hand on the bottom and your left hand hear the hammer. Raise it above your head and over your left shoulder, and then bring it back towards the middle of the tier. Switch sides and do the same movement, which is similar to chopping wood.

Running Planks

With your face down on the floor and your feet together, perform the plank by lifting your hips off the ground and supporting your weight on your toes and forearms. Maintain a tight core and a neutral spine. Perform four sets of thirty repetitions for the best results.

Olympic Bar Full Contact Twist

Hold one end of a bar at chest level while standing straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Wedge the other end of the Olympic bar against a wall or between two weights for stability. Next, swing the bar from side to side while pressing it away from your chest with your arms extended. Your chest should move/rotate along with your shoulders and arms.

Plank Up-Downs

Get into a plank position, while pulling your abs tight and squeezing your butt, with your arms straight beneath your shoulders. Starting with your right arm, lower down into your forearm and then follow with your left arm. Move back up to the full extended plank one arm at a time. Keep the core tight the entire time and avoid rocking your hips. This workout works your upper body as well, since the upper body will be helping to support the entire plank position.

Of all the waist-whittling workouts out there, those that focus on the oblique muscles will help get rid of the love handles. As a general rule, one should remember that any move where one is reaching to the side targets the obliques.

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