While weight training is perfect to get whatever fitness results you want – losing fat, gaining muscle or keeping fit – the required equipment isn’t always accessible. Then you need to find ways to perform a complete workout with whatever you have handy, which is your own body weight and maybe some random things around the house.

Home Pushups

Luckily there are exercises that need no equipment and you can use them to a large extent to train at home and wherever you go. Today, we’ve picked top 10 of our favorite no equipment exercises which you should include into your own home workouts. These exercises don’t require machines, weights or a pull up bar, you may complete them using only your body weight or, in worst case scenario, furniture that’s around in any home.

Push Ups

Definitely the best no equipment exercise that you can do absolutely anywhere. Push ups hit your chest, shoulders, arms and core, even your glutes if you engage them during the exercise. As a compound exercise involving so many muscle groups it is a big fat burner and can provide the required intensity to load muscles for growth.

The number of push up variations also increase the value of this exercise as you can choose different levels of intensity and the way in which your muscles are worked.

Push ups



Bodyweight squats may lack the intensity of barbell squats but they still work your legs very well. They hit the quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and even abs to some extent. And like many other bodyweight exercises you have several different variations of them too. For example, the pistol squat will hit your quads with the intensity akin to the barbell squat, in addition engaging a lot of stabilizer muscles to keep your balance as you perform the exercise.

Single Leg Squats


Inverted Rows

This exercise requires some creativity to perform without a bar but it can provide the training for your back which is very hard to do without equipment. Use a table, or two chairs and a broomstick to create an impromptu bar and perform the inverted rows.

Several variations are available too which enable you to choose a level of difficulty. Such as keeping your legs straight or bending the knees, as well as elevating your feet for increasing intensity.

Inverted Row


Bench Dips

Dips are great for the chest as well as the triceps but since we have no parallel bars available, we can use a bench or a chair to perform the exercise. This variation of dips focuses more on the triceps but it’s a great exercise nonetheless.

Bench Dips



One of the most intense exercises and it requires no equipment whatsoever. Perform burpess by doing a push up and then jumping up from that position. This full body exercise burns calories better than any cardio and the intensity is high enough for arm, chest, and leg muscle definition.

Make burpees even harder by adding a back roll movement to the exercise. So then the sequence begins by doing a pushup, jumping up, and doing a back roll so that you end the rep on your back.

How To Do Burpees Exercise



Another great bodyweight exercise for the legs but different from the squat in that it focuses on glutes and hamstrings more. You have several variations available here too, such as the split lunge done by elevating your free leg to focus on one leg more. Another variation that hits the glutes more is the side lunge.

Lunges Workout


Box Jumps

Get a sturdy box to jump on or you can even use a chair. This exercise not only trains your leg but your explosiveness too. Start from a squat position and jump up on the elevated surface for a full rep. This exercise will add a lot of intensity and really get your heart racing.

Box Jump



Planks are great to train your core stability and the big amount of variations of different difficulty allows you to get those stabilizer muscles really working. Besides the static planks, try alternating your legs and arms lifting each one of them at a time, as well as plank crawls to engage your core muscles in the movement.

Side Plank


Mule Kicks

Perhaps mule kicks can be seen as a variation of push ups but it’s different enough and good enough to be listed on its own. This no equipment exercise is one of the best to hit your shoulders and lats while adding explosiveness. To perform, start in a pike position with your arms and feet planted into the floor and your hips up in the air. Now kick your both feet back in the air by shifting your weight on your arms and shoulders.

mule kick

Shadow Boxing

While this exercise provides no resistance, the sheer speed at which you are able to engage your arm, shoulder and core muscles is enough to send your heart racing. Not to mention it looks and feels cool. Boxing is a great sport to train your upper body and core strength but even if you don’t have a boxing bag available, you can still use some of the benefits with shadow boxing.

Shadow Boxing

So there you have it, top 10 best exercises to do at home with no equipment, to prove that there’s really no excuse not to workout even if you don’t have access to gym.

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