Are you wondering what the best weight lifting routine to get ripped is? If so, then you will want to read about a quick giant set workout routine that you can do.

Giant Set Workout Routine

Training with giant sets can help you get ripped very quickly, but be warned that they are very intense. As for what the workout consists of, it consists of you training 5 days per week. You will train legs one day, chest another, shoulders/traps the next, biceps/triceps on another and back on another day. The days you train these muscles is completely up to you.

For each muscle you train, you will do 4-6 exercises consecutively and do high reps (15-20) per exercise. Since you will be doing high reps, you will be doing light weight on each exercise that you do. As for how many giant sets you will do in total, that will be 3-6, and remember to take a normal rest period after you complete the last rep of each giant set. The exercises you choose to do for each body part is your choice, but you should use the bench press (chest), shoulder presses with a barbell (shoulders), shrugs with barbell (traps), squats (legs), barbell curls and close-grip bench presses (biceps/triceps) and dead lifts (lower back), as well as barbell rows (upper back) on the days you use other exercises that target the same muscles. If you stick with this giant set workout routine for a good 6-8 weeks, and train 5 days per week, you could be more ripped than you are now, so give this workout a try.

Getting ripped can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Try the above giant sets workout, which also doubles as a mini-cardio workout, and you could be ripped in no time.

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