Sitting All Day

Medical research shows sitting down for long periods of time can damage your health. However, few are aware of the health hazards of sitting and even fewer people realize you can exercise while seated. So, why is sitting so bad for your health and is sitting killing you? Many underestimate the risks of sitting for long periods, so perform these simple exercises after sitting too long to ward-off chronic health problems. Here are some simple exercises for those who spend long periods behind a desk. Perform these exercises to limit the damage done by sitting.

The Half Frog Stretch

This Yoga pose stretches the abdominal muscles, the hip flexors and the quad muscles.

Crab Crawl Exercise

Rowing with Resistance Bands

Simulate rowing using exercise bands to stretch and strengthen taut shoulder muscles.

Rowing Exercise with Resistance Bands

Do the Crab-Hip Hold

Your shoulder muscles, gluteal muscles, lower back muscles and hamstrings tighten after sitting for too long. Perform simple floor exercises after sitting for too long to loosen tight muscles.

Half Frog StretchListed above are three easy exercises that limit the consequences of sitting all day. So, we have discovered sitting at a desk all day causes muscle waste, so why not exercise at your desk or perform seated chair exercises? Here is a list of simple stretching exercises that can be performed after resting for too long:

  • Boost your energy levels by standing-up and stretching your muscles and joints
  • Stand-up and perform some stretches that work your upper and lower back muscles. This will ease tension, strengthen the spine and improve posture
  • Stretch away the stress. Use a series of simple stretches to lower stress levels and boost circulation
  • Regularly stand and stretch upwards to release tension in the upper back and shoulder muscles

Too much sitting is bad for your health. Perform simple exercises after sitting too long to avoid serious health issues. No-one wants to be stuck behind a desk all day, but a simple exercise routine can prevent the neck and back pain caused by sitting.

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