And it’s not jogging… If you want to get fit and stay fit you have to do everything possible to achieve this goal. And one of the best things you can do is watching what others that are already there are doing, after all you want to be just as fit if not more. While different people may use different techniques to get there, since we’re all different, there are some things that are universal.

Morning Run

So let’s talk about the morning routine today. What do you have to do to start a new day of fitness and start it as efficiently as possible? You have to know that despite sleep being crucial to your health and fitness, some bad things happen to you while you sleep. The worst of them is dehydration.

Just think about it, you go without drinking or eating anything for about 8 hours, if you get enough sleep, and it happens every night. So when you wake up, your body is quite dehydrated.

Did you know that a dehydration of just 3% can…

  • Cause an 18% decline in muscle power
  • A 70% increase in perceived fatigue
  • A 12% decrease in reaction time

Glass of Water

So you might have guessed by now that the number one thing that all fit people do first thing in the morning is chugging down a glass or two of water. This not only quickly re-hydrates your body but kick starts your metabolism too.

The very minimum amount of water you have to drink is 1-2 glasses depending on your size, and you may want to drink more than that if coffee is part of your morning ritual.

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