Whether you want to clock in an extra workout at home or you simply don’t go to gym and do all your training at home, or perhaps you’re traveling and have no equipment whatsoever, this home chest workout will hit your chest muscles hard. Make no mistake, just because you’re not going to use weights or other gym equipment, it will not be easy. In fact, I would say this workout is even better than most gym workouts.

Home push ups

Almost all home workouts for the chest come down to push ups and all variations of this exercise. It’s a great exercise that works not only your chest, and some variations hit your whole body. So in this home workout we will do push ups, any variation you like depending on how hard you want it to be and which muscles you want to work. But there’s a twist which makes this workout so great.

The key to the workout is reaching the failure and going through it. That’s how you get the most out of the exercise and that’s how you get gains. Not just punching in a number of push ups but doing it until you fail and going over your limit. So here’s the technique.

First of all, you need to know the maximum perfect form reps you can do until failure. Count your push ups until you can no longer do them in the perfect form and then rest for 2 minutes. Let’s say this number is 50.

Next, add 50% of reps on top of that number, and that’s the number you will have to perform. In this case it’s 75. But don’t fret, you won’t do them all in one set, instead you will rest in plank position.

The rest position can be a side plank, you can arch your back or use whatever pose it takes to take a quick rest between reps, the only requirement is that your knees don’t touch the ground and at least one of your hands remains on the ground.

And so to recap the workout:

  • Do max reps of perfect form push ups
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Do max+50% push ups with plank rests

You can do this workout with any type of push ups – simple push ups, one leg push ups, narrow and wide push ups, incline push ups, t-pushups, and so on. This is for you to choose based on your fitness level and the muscles you want to work. My personal recommendation for the hardest workout are the t-pushups:


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