Training the lower part of your body is essential to any workout program whether its goal is to burn fat or build muscle. Legs muscles are big and they burn a lot of calories while trained, strong legs are also the foundation for any sport or physical activity.

Home squats

It’s also not that easy to train legs with the required intensity at home because you usually need heavy weights to do it. Unfortunately, a barbell rack is rarely available unless you have a full blown home gym. However, there are still exercises that you can easily do with dumbbells and get really good training done for the lower body at home.

So today’s workout is all about making an efficient leg workout at home by using just a pair of good old dumbbells. An efficient workout would include high rep lower weight (including bodyweight) exercises to develop speed, mid weight exercises to train power and heavy weight low reps to train strength. A good workout should also take no longer then 20-30 minutes to complete.

The following are the exercises that make this workout.

Goblet Squat

Warm up with a few bodyweight squats before starting the workout. Then take one or two dumbbells and hold them to your chest while performing squats. You should really load up on weights for this exercise as much as you can. We like to start our workouts heavier when we’re still fresh to give it all we’ve got and avoid any injuries that can happen when trying to lift heavy while exhausted.

Goblet squat


Step Up Thrusts

For the next exercise take a chair or a box to step on. Step up one leg at a time putting all your weight on this leg and trying not to kick back with the free leg. Jump up in an explosive movement as you complete the step. Do this as fast as you can with minimal hesitation between reps. Perform each set on one leg at a time.

Step-up thrust


Dumbbell Single Leg Reverse Deadlift

So far we’ve trained your quads mostly but no leg workout is complete without the posterior chain training. The single leg reverse deadlifts will really stretch those hamstrings. To perform the exercise, take a dumbbell in one hand (or two dumbbells in both hands) and kick one leg back while bending forward with the weight. Keep your back arched and your active knee locked throughout the movement. Let those hams stretch as much as you can.

Single leg reverse deadlift


Elevated Hip Raises

The final exercise will work on your glutes and help you strengthen your lower back. We’ll use a variation with feet elevated on a bench (or a chair) to do the raises. Focus on contracting your glutes throughout the movement and work on that hip thrust.

Hip raises


The Workout

So the complete workout is as follows:

  • Bodyweight squats – a few reps to warm up
  • Goblet squats – 3×10
  • Step up thrusts – 3×12 each leg
  • Dumbbell single leg reverse deadlift – 3×10 each leg
  • Elevated hip raises – 4×10

Rest 60 seconds or less between sets.

Keep the intensity of workout high, you should be able to complete it in under 20 minutes. Choose weights to challenge yourself if you can.

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