The raw food diet is constantly being surpassed in popularity, but it consistently out paces all the other diets. It has been proven time and again to work. It works because raw fruits and vegetables are loaded with enzymes and fiber that aid with digestion, metabolizing nutrients and eliminating waste. This alkaline diet helps eliminate the toxins and waste locked in the fat. Fat protects us from the harmful effects of the toxins. When the toxins the body is protecting us from disappear, the fat is released and we lose weight.

The raw food diet is composed of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits of every variety. These foods are nutrient dense with less calories than a meat and carbohydrate laden meal. The fact that they are also rich in fiber content makes them essential for cleansing the colon and ridding the body of waste through the intestines. These perfect foods help your digestive system function as it is supposed to, nourishing the body with real food, metabolizing the nutrients, and helping your cells to purge fat while cleaning out toxins and waste.

Raw means raw. You don’t cook your food on the raw food diet. So naturally, you don’t eat meat while you’re on this diet. But, you’ll get plenty of protein from the wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds considered raw foods. If you don’t want to eat but need nutrients, juicing is an option on the raw food diet that makes for a quick on-the-go meal. Combining greens with fruit can also make for a tasty juice that provides all the nutrients you need for a healthy fortifying meal.

Overall the raw food diet can be quite satisfying. You can have delicious salads, great juices, tasty desserts and fun snacks every day. It’s the kind of diet where you can eat until you’re satisfied, but the calories are limited. The food you’re eating has a superfluous effect, it nourishes while precipitating the cleansing of your body. The end result is less toxins, waste and fat, resulting in greater health.

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