A lot of principles hold true in fitness and you only have to follow some of them to lose weight, gain muscle and be all around fit. Some are more important than others, though, so I’d like to create a list of just 10 of them which I’ll call the fitness commandments. The idea is that if you follow them every single day you will not have trouble staying fit.

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So here we go.

#1 Always Work Hard

There are multiple workout techniques, some advocate long medium intensity exercising, others say you have to keep the intensity to the max. Some give you a range of reps to complete, super sets, giants sets, drop sets, and so on. But the most important thing is that you stick to it, and don’t slack around. Only determination to work as hard as possible every single time will give you results, otherwise you might as well not do it at all.

#2 Always Use the Perfect Form

When doing any exercise, always, and I mean always do it in the correct form. Do it in the perfect form and make it as hard as possible for yourself. Half complete exercises and cheat repetitions will do you no good. If you can’t do it, lower the weight or resistance, because compensating can lead to injuries.

#3 Always Eat Healthy High Protein and High Fiber Food

It’s well established that to shed fat you have to keep carb intake low and it’s not so much how many calories you eat but what kind of calories you eat. So to shed fat and build muscle, eat more protein and less carbs. Furthermore, eat complex carbs rather and high fiber foods such as veggies, avoid simple carbs and sugary foods.

#4 Never Eat Sugar

This is so important that needs its own commandment. Sugar is very bad for your health and fitness. There’s absolutely no reason why you should ever eat anything with sugar in it (except natural sugars such as fruits and berries). Sugar raises your insulin levels drastically and makes your body store fat. There’s no benefit to your body so it’s a big NO.

#5 Always Get Enough Sleep

Your body regenerates when you sleep, it rebuilds muscle and your growth hormones are most active during the sleep and the metabolic processes are increased. Furthermore, sleep depravity impairs the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin and disrupts metabolism, which leads to fat accumulation in your body. So get enough sleep to stay healthy and fit.

#6 Do Not Overdo Cardio

Long cardio gives you endurance but it’s only good for cardio itself and you actually burn less fat as you get more efficient. To be overall fit you need strength and explosive power and if you let cardio overwhelm your training, it will suffer. It’s a lot to be said about long low intensity cardio but it’s important to know that it may activate catabolic processes in your body which break up your muscles and that’s the last thing you want. So go for a run but don’t make it a long one and don’t do it too often.

#7 Do Not Over-train

Over-training is a thing and it’s dangerous to your health and fitness. There’s no way to cut corners even if you want to work harder and longer. The matter of fact is that you need rest more than you need to work hard. During your workouts you break the muscles and they need to regenerate in order to grow and burn fat. Over-training will impair regeneration processes and can lead to injuries. Make sure you get enough rest between workouts.

#8 Build More Muscle to Lose More Fat

There are several reasons why this is true. First, metabolic processes are expensive so more muscle means more effective metabolism, and the bigger the muscles the more calories it takes to fuel them. Secondly, bigger muscles increase the amount of growth and fat burning hormones in your body. If you’re a guy you will want bigger muscles anyway, and if you’re a girl, don’t be afraid you won’t accidentally become a bodybuilder because that takes way way more effort and time than you can put in unwillingly. What you’ll get instead is a lean and attractive body.

#9 Never Make Excuses

You don’t have to have access to a gym to workout. You don’t have to have any equipment at all to keep fit. Equipment helps but you can find an exercise to train any part of your body in any movement that requires none. So don’t make not having access to gym an excuse because that’s never an option.

#10 Make It the Way of Life

Working out and eating healthy should not be forced or something you do on the side. It has to become how you live, everything you do has to go around it. If your life choices are getting in the way of fitness, you have to make a decision to give something up.

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