Training your legs is hard as it is but to really grow those muscles you have to push for the overload. So no matter how hard you exercise, you can still put more effort in with a workout finisher that will really break the muscles.

Leg Muscles

What a good finisher does is it provides extra load for the muscles when they are already broken down and pumps more blood into them with more micro nutrients needed to heal. This leg workout finisher will do exactly that.

The finisher consists of a complex drop set and you will need only a pair of dumbbells to perform it. Choose 25% weight of your squat one rep max across both dumbbells for these exercises, which are as follows.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

We’ll start the finisher with 8 jump squats performed holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Start with your legs shoulder width apart and from a squat position jump up explosively. Straighten your legs fully as you do that jump and make sure to land on your feet softly. This exercise takes some control of your body, but it’s not supposed to be easy.
Jump squat

Front Squat

Next, using the same dumbbells, bring them up to your shoulders and perform 10 squats. Because the weight is front loaded a lot of load from the lower back is alleviated too, but you still get the full benefit of weighted squats.

Dumbbell front squat

Wall Sits with Dumbbells

Moving on, without rest, go up against a wall and rest your back against it in a squat position. Hold this position for as long as you can till failure. Failure means dropping the dumbbells in this exercise.

Wall Sits (Bodyweight)

As you drop the dumbbells, don’t give up just yet, continue holding the wall sit position until your legs completely give out.

Wall sits

For best results, this workout finisher is to be repeated 3 times in a row without rest. Its intensity is extremely high, but that’s what you need for a good finisher and to force muscle to grow.

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