The fitness world has a new star, and he’s from Canada. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Greg O’Gallagher is the latest Instagram sensation to bring out a training philosophy, and he announced it with an insanely impressive YouTube video. His philosophy is called Kinobody and it’s got the fitness community buzzing.

But just how good is Kinobody? And is it worth your time? This article is going to take a look at the philosophy itself and some of the science behind it, we’ll then let you know whether or not you should consider trying it. But to start with let’s address the burning question on everyone’s lips.

Who is Greg O’Gallagher?

Greg O’Gallagher is a social media star, and definitely a product of our time. He started his first YouTube channel at the age of 13 and after closing it down, opened a second channel 7 years ago. While it may seem like he has exploded out of nowhere you can see that actually there has been a lot of grinding to get to where he is.

It’s not quite a rags to riches story, he may not have inherited a lot of money after losing his father at a young age, but he does live in a massive mansion which we can assume is fully paid off. Does this detract from his success?

Well yes and no, on the one hand it’s a heck of a lot easier to pursue the lifestyle that he promotes when you have complete financial security. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who wouldn’t have achieved a tenth of what he has when given the same opportunity.

He has built up his YouTube channel to 339,000+ subscribers, has 168,000 followers on Instagram, and 7,000 followers on twitter. These are the kind of numbers that 90% of fitness experts would kill for, and he has managed this without a university education (he dropped out in his first year).

It’s a little early to be calling him a celebrity, but he has already been profiled in Vice and his followers keep on increasing.

What is Kinobody?

You’re probably expecting Kinobody to be your average training program and diet plan, but Greg has attempted something more ambitious. He is trying to create a lifestyle blueprint for his clients to follow. To Greg it’s not just about getting you in decent shape, it’s about everything that surrounds it.

The Kinobody journey starts with a fairly basic questionnaire to ascertain what specific program you want to follow, it separates men and women, then it looks at where you are (skinny-fat, bulky, lean, overweight), and what it is that you want to achieve.

It’s important to remember that Greg has his own idea about what makes the perfect body (lean physique, high shoulder to waist ratio, muscular but not massive), so your results will be based around this.

After that you will be placed on one of a number of different 12 week programs that promise to lead to your perfect body. There are many different programs to look at, the aggressive fat loss program, warrior shredding, Greek God, superhero bulking, bodyweight mastery, and female-specific programs such as kinobooty, goddess toning etc …

The Aggressive Fat Loss program is a 12 week training program that is designed to help you lose a lot of body fat. Now, a 12 week program is a decent amount of time to get some good results, but most people will not attain a perfect physique in that time frame. That doesn’t mean you won’t be happy with the results though. This is just a poorly worded guarantee.

To be fair to Greg, in the smaller print, he does point out that if you have over 15lbs to lose then you will need to go over the program a second time, but this could probably be made more clear from the start.

The program itself involves training 3 times per week, and utilising something called active recovery on the other days. This is where you avoid strenuous exercise, but stay active (walking, running, possibly performing some light exercises etc). It’s a good strategy as it will prevent new exercise followers from becoming overwhelmed.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Healthy SaladIntermittent fasting is basically avoiding calories for an extended period of time, usually the morning, but some people perform it in the evening.

A few years ago the 5:2 diet became popular, where people would fast 2 days per week and eat for 5. This wasn’t true fasting though, as the followers would still consume calories (just significantly lower amounts).

Kinobody is based around intermittent fasting as a nutritional tool for weight loss, and this technique is a controversial subject in the fitness world. There are many adherents and an equal number of detractors. As usual when it comes to debates of this nature the truth seems to be somewhere in the middle.

While intermittent fasting is nowhere near as effective as some claim (it will not increase fat burning nor will it make you “anabolic”), it is a perfectly reasonable dieting technique.

It will work just as well as any other dieting technique, provided that you stick to it. Weight loss is not a complicated subject, you consume less calories than you expend, and the balance is created by burning stored energy (body fat). How you do that is down to personal preference.

Some people will absolutely love intermittent fasting as it is simple to follow and the rules are clear. Others will hate it, and therefore intermittent fasting will not work.

Finding the right diet for you can be difficult, many people love flexible dieting as they find that it fits their lifestyle best. But others realise that being given that level of freedom in their food choices will prevent them from losing weight as they can’t trust themselves.

Does Kinobody Work?

There’s so much negativity in the fitness industry that it must seem from the outside that no program works! But as we mentioned earlier, weight loss is not a complicated process.

Almost any weight lifting program will work, as will any diet that keeps protein levels high and restricts calories. What people need to succeed is not complicated processes, but support, inspiration, and a community feeling.

That’s where Kinobody stands out from the crowd. Greg has put a lot of thought into that, he lives his life as a billboard of what can be achieved. He has an active forum that members regularly participate in, he puts time and effort into (admittedly cheesy) YouTube videos, and is active across social media.

There are hundreds of bad programs out there, even ones that are theoretically better. Some fitness experts will charge you $100 for a course that is just 2 eBooks and a few videos. No support, no community feel, you just get your program and are left to your own devices.

You spend your money and then you forget about the eBook, you have a question? Unlucky mate, you’re on your own. Kinobody is not one of those programs.

Ultimately the success of Kinobody is down to one person, you. If you spend your $50 and do nothing afterwards then your will have failed the program, not the other way round.

Stop bouncing from one solution to the next in search of the “perfect” plan. Here’s a great one, just follow it, immerse yourself in the community, and be patient. Success will come!

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