The Kinobody Goddess Toning Program is the one the two courses offered by Greg O’Gallagher which are targeted at women. Unlike the Kinobooty program which focuses solely on developing the lower body (the glutes in particular), the Goddess program will help women build an all-around well-developed physique.

So it will hit both the lower and upper body pretty much equally. But Greg actually suggests that rotating the two programs will probably give you the best results.

Give Kinobody Goddess Toning Program a try.

What’s the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program all about

As you probably know, Kinobody has a massive success with the Greek God Program and they wanted to replicate that for women. So that’s how the Goddess Toning Program was born.

And in fact, there are many similarities between this program the one for guys. Both courses follow pretty much the same dieting and training principles. Of course with small tweaks here and there to support more the attractive look the women are trying to achieve. But the rules are the same for everybody after all.

To lean down you need to stay in a caloric deficit. And to make that sustainable in the long run you need to do it in an enjoyable way. To get that nice shape and tone up you need to get stronger. Luckily enough, Greg is an expert at both.

Wait, but will I get bulky?

A lot of women are afraid they will get bulky from lifting weights and believe it or not, that’s actually the main reason they fail to achieve the body of their dreams.

Following the type of training routines that you see in the TV commercials, with a lot of aerobics and cardio will get you nowhere. In order to shape your body, you need to put on some muscle but in a nice and feminine way.

Building muscle is really slow and difficult process that takes time and effort. And that’s even harder for women, simply they are genetically programmed to put on muscle mass at a slower rate than guys. So those bulky girls you see on TV….there’s no way in hell you are going to end up looking like that naturally by following a program such as the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program.

Especially if you keep your body fat percentage low enough. Muscles are actually much more compact than fat, so if you drop 10 pounds of body fat and put let’s say 10 pounds of muscles, your bodyweight will remain the same, but you will look really, really lean and toned up.

What are the principles behind the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program

The program has 5 different sections. It starts off with a definition of that “goddess physique” which essentially breaks down the key features that make up the body you’re after and how the Goddess Toning plan will get you there.

Then there’s a lecture about which are the best exercises you can do in the gym, followed by a step by step workout plan which is focused towards building muscle and dropping fat. And lastly but not least you have the nutrition part.

The program also includes a few bonuses which come in handy:

  • Lean Muscle Nutrition Plan
  • Aggressive Fat Loss Diet
  • Home Workout Plan
  • Goddess Mindset Guide

But the “meat” of the program is mostly in the training and dieting aspects.


The workout plan outlined in the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program is a really smart combination of resistance training exercises and strategic cardio sessions. It’ a 12-week program, but you can repeat it forever or alternate it with the Kinobooty program as Greg suggests.

So you will get a step by step workout plan which will hit all the body parts, upper body and lower body included. The basic principle behind it is progressive overload, and that you need to constantly get stronger in order to develop your body.

So you will see the reverse pyramid training style in there which works out really well for gaining strength and getting that toned up look.

Even though this is essentially a full body workout, by looking at the routine you will notice that it puts less emphasis on developing the upper body and it’s focused at activating the lower body more, specifically the glutes.

The problem with you everyday lower body workouts is that it develops the tights too much. When most women actually want to grow the glutes and the butt more. And the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program does a great job at putting more emphasis on that body part with exercises such as back squats and stiff leg deadlifts to make just a few.


Another important pillar to the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program is the dieting part. As a woman you don’t have that many calories to play around with, so more so if you are trying to get lean.

The key to any solid diet is adherence and Greg O’Gallagher uses the same approach to make dieting effortless: intermittent fasting.

So he recommends skipping breakfast and fasting for up to 8 hours every day. This way you’re keeping your insulin levels really low for longer periods of times. Which basically tells your body to go after stored fat and use it as an energy source. Therefore, you are in a fat burning state for longer periods of times.

Another benefit of Intermittent Fasting is that you get to eat at least 2 big and tasty meals each day because you still need to hit your daily caloric intake by the end of the day. So it will not actually feel like dieting at all. The hardest part is going through the first part of the day where you are not allowed to eat anything.

Greg’s goes as far as suggesting a couple of tricks to help you with that as well. Coffee is a natural hunger suppressant so having a cup of black coffee early in the morning will help. Don’t forget that it has to be black because the calories from add sugar still count as calories.

Another trick is to drink plenty of water, which will kind off fill you up and you will not feel that hungry as you would if you wouldn’t drink any water.

What I like about the program

  • Has a different approach that most programs targeted at women
  • Uses a lot of weight training
  • Challenges you both physically and mentally
  • It is fairly comprehensive

What I don’t like about the program

  • The workouts might be overwhelming for beginners

Give Kinobody Goddess Toning Program a try.


All in all the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program will get you the results, and it will change your mindset about how a training program for women should look like.

It is super effective, but equally challenging as well. Everything is spot on from the nutrition to the workout plans, but you really need to break a sweat in the gym to make it work. So if you are in for an out of the box method of eating & training you might want to give the Kinobody Goddess Toning Program a try.

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