Bodyweight training is a great alternative to weight training if you don’t have the time to go to the gym if you simply don’t like lifting weights or maybe you just want to add some variety to your weight lifting routine.

If that’s the case for you, then the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery is one course you may want to consider. Greg O’Gallagher has a solid background in both weight training and calisthenics, he’s authored many weight training programs as well (Superhero, Greek God, and Warrior to name the most popular), so he is definitely a guy who’s worth listening to.

Give Bodyweight Mastery Program a try

Who should try the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery

If you are concerned with being lean and aesthetics, bodyweight training will give you that push you need. That’s mainly because you can’t really progress in body weight training if you let your body fat levels increase. So it’s a great choice if you are trying to stay lean.

Bodyweight training is also a great way to look cool too. Maybe for some, that’s not really a goal, but being able to perform advanced calisthenics movements will probably make you look more impressive than a guy who benches 400 pounds.

If you need to take a break away from the weights (maybe you are traveling or you are recovering from an injury), bodyweight training is a great option to continue to train during this period.

But can you build muscle with it?

The question that I always get from people is – can you actually build muscle by doing bodyweight exercises? At some point, all basic movements such as pull-ups, squats, and push-ups become so easy that you can’t really recruit more muscle fibers by doing the same thing over and over again.

So your bodyweight training can become an aerobic type of training which other than building endurance doesn’t really do anything for you. Once you go over the 12 to 15 reps count you’re will not be seeing any benefits from it.

Yet, you see gymnasts for example, which look absolutely phenomenal. They are jacked. So what’s the gimmick here?

The way forward is to progress to harder variations or more complex movements.

So from regular push-ups, you can go to one hand push-ups. I’m telling you these are damn hard to do. My bench press PR is 315, but I can only do 2 one hand push-ups.

And you can do this on pretty much any exercise. You can do one arm chin-ups, pistol squats, one arm pull-ups, muscle-ups and so on and so forth.

So if you can progressively make your workout more difficult (regardless if it’s a weight training or bodyweight training routine) you will build more muscle.

What you get when you buy Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery

You get a whole lot for the money.

The Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery is currently priced lower than the other weight training Kinobody programs, but the amount of valuable information you will get from this is still top notch. After the purchase, you will get a log into the Kinobody dashboard where you can see the programs you paid for.

The eBook

First and foremost you get the written content part which is very well structured. There are 6 different chapters which will walk you through what are the benefits of bodyweight, what are the drawbacks and finally, that’s the goal of the program and how to use bodyweight training for muscle and strength gains.

Greg touches a little bit on the topic of nutrition as well, but the information is not as detailed as in other programs such as the Warrior, Greek God or Superhero programs.

I guess the reason for this is because he wants to give the readers an over-simplified overview on how to eat without actually tracking calories or macros. The bottom line though is that you need to stay pretty lean in order to progress in bodyweight training.

The videos

But the most valuable piece of information, in my opinion, is the video tutorials. The written part awesome, I’ll give you that, but the videos are really hitting the nail in the head.

There are 10 videos which will walk you through a bunch of different exercises. These videos show you how you can progress from the basic variation to the hardest variation. As you would expect you can’t really jump straight from the easy variation to the harder one.

Greg does a great job at explaining and demonstrating in the videos how you can gradually make this progression. And you actually get to see him performing all the exercises he’s recommending. That alone adds much more credibility to the program.

Members group

Lastly but not least, you also get access to a private members group where you can interact with other people which are using the program or you can get feedback from Greg on specific questions you may have.

What exercises to expect

There are a variety of exercises in the program that will allow you to perform a full body workout with minimal equipment. Most of the times you will need just a pull-up bar and that’s pretty much it.

You easier exercises such as push-ups, leg raises and jump squats, which any beginner should be able to perform.

And then you have much more advanced calisthenics movements such as L-sits, muscle-ups or one-legged squat. But don’t be intimidated, Greg does a really good job at explaining how to progress from the simplest one to the most challenging ones.

What I like about the program

  • It has an open-minded approach and does not exclude weigh training
  • The exercise videos which are extremely helpful
  • The progression technique is explained really well

What I don’t like about the program:

  • The nutritional advice is kind of vague
  • I would’ve liked to see more calisthenics movements in there.


Overall, the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery is one kick-ass program which can get you started on bodyweight training in no time.

And the beauty of it is that you have the freedom to work out anywhere at any time. You don’t need to drive to the gym, heck, you don’t need a gym membership at all. You only need your body and the willpower to get through the workout.

Give Bodyweight Mastery Program a try

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