If you’re looking to drop body fat in a fast but sustainable way, Greg’s Aggressive Fat Loss program might be just the right choice for you.

As you can see by following him online he does a really good job at staying lean all year round. And he’s doing that while still enjoying big and tasty meals. By going out with his friends and by having fun. Heck, you wouldn’t even say the guy is dieting, yet he’s sitting at maybe 9-10% body fat effortless.

Give Aggressive Fat Loss Program a try

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know it, Greg O’Gallagher is probably one of the biggest advocates of Intermittent Fasting. He talks about it on many of his YouTube videos and he mentions it in the blog posts whenever he gets the chance to. And that’s pretty much what the Aggressive Fat Loss program is based on. But there’s a bit more than that to it.

Who is it for?

I’d say that anyone who is above 20% body fat (for men) or 25-30% (for women) and wants to get leaner, is in the target – especially if you’ve tried dieting before and you were not satisfied with your results.

Actually, Greg feels that the people who are looking to lose anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of body fat are the ones that are going to benefit the most from this program.

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What is the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss about?

Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss is a dieting plan which basically tells you to stay in a caloric deficit of at least 500 calories – which is pretty decent and manageable for most people. But it gets as high as 1,000 calories deficit, which is a little bit extreme and hard to adhere to for longer periods of time. Hence the name.

The whole idea behind Aggressive Fat Loss is to help people lose fat faster than they would if they would follow any other diet. All in a sustainable way which allows you to still have a social life and stay in a good mood, unlike many other aggressive diets.

The program also advertises that you will preserve as much muscle mass as possible. But more about that in just a few lines.

(How) Does it work?

If you check out the transformations that people who’ve tried the Aggressive Fat Loss program post on Greg’s Facebook page you wouldn’t need me answering this question. Greg says that on average these people are losing 8-10 pounds of body fat a month.

If we look at the generally recommended weight loss rate of 1-2 pounds per week, then you would say that the Aggressive Fat Loss program is superior to other dieting plans.

Intermittent Fasting

The program is set in a way which makes it effortless to adhere to, even though the caloric deficit is pretty aggressive. You will find different types of intermittent fasting splits in there, you will have days where you are eating just one really big meal per day, but you also have days where you eat two meals and some fruit snacks as well.

The science behind intermittent fasting is that it keeps insulin at low levels for longer periods of time, which puts the body in a fat loss state.

So basically, if you follow the program you will need to skip breakfast so there will be anywhere from 6-7 hours between the time you wake up and your first meal. Greg suggests having a cup of black coffee early in the morning, which should work as a natural appetite suppressant.

Less cardio

Another key and fundamental aspect on this the program is based is the approach it has towards training. Greg’s philosophy for this program as well as many of his other program is to train just 3 times per week.

On top of that, he stands behind the idea that you need to do very little to no cardio at all. This way your energy level will stay up and your appetite will not rise, causing you to start binging. Too much training will just make you hungrier which conflicts with any type of weight loss diet.

Moreover, cardio is not necessarily the best thing you can do in the gym if you want to stay lean while still having a decent amount of muscle mass.

High carbs, high fat

There is a big hype around low carb diets these days. But the Aggressive Fat Loss program was a totally different approach.

Low carb diets will affect your training performance a lot because it depletes the muscles of glycogen, which is the primary source of energy we are using when we perform anaerobic exercises such as weightlifting.

Low carb and low-fat diets also lower your testosterone levels. Which again is bad both for athletic performance, but for your mood as well. Not to mention that fat intake is very important for keep things running smoothly at a hormonal level and for keeping your joints in good condition.

So this program is definitely not your average diet plan, to say the least.

What I like about the program

  • It works great
  • It is easy to adhere to
  • You can eat at least one tasty meal a day

What I don’t like about the program

  • The one meal days might be challenging at first
  • Can affect muscle mass


I think we’re safe to say that the Aggressive Fat Loss Program is one of the most effective diets on the market. But it’s main advantage is that you can make it a lifestyle. It is relatively easy to adhere to and it does not interfere with your social life that much.

In a nutshell, this Kinobody is all about fasting for at least 8 hours each day, staying in a caloric deficit of up to 1,000 calories and training low volume at high intensity.

So if you are looking for an out of the box and really unique way of losing fat you might give this one a try and see if it grows on you.

Give Aggressive Fat Loss Program a try

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