You can either workout long or you can workout hard. As a matter of fact, the more condensed your workout is the more effective it is. After all, if you’re spending hours at the gym you’re probably not training hard enough. And if you do train hard enough you will over-train and that’s not good at all.

Shoulder Muscles Dumbbells

How about a workout that you can get done in few minutes and be exhausted? This workout is for the shoulders and it takes just one big drop set comprised of several dumbbell exercises and finished off by two bodyweight exercises. You will do each exercise until failure and move on to the next without any rest – all in one big set, whatever the amount of reps you can pull off.

The workout starts with overhead dumbbell presses, after which you will do dumbbell push presses and then high pulls. Then you’ll drop one dumbbell and continue to do single dumbbell eights and press outs.

Finally you will finish off with mule kicks and pike push ups. At that point your shoulder muscles will be completely exhausted and that’s exactly what we want. So here’s each exercise detailed.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

Overhead Shoulder Press

Start with overhead presses. Keep your legs and back fixed as you raise the dumbbells over your head. Try not to use any momentum and keep doing as many reps as you can until you can’t keep them doing in the correct form.

Dumbbell Push Press

Dumbbell push press

Dumbbell push press is a little easier as it allows some momentum by bending your knees and pushing the weight up assisted by your body. But don’t arch your back. Keep doing them until you can’t continue.

Dumbbell High Pulls

Dumbbell high pull

Lower the dumbbells down and pull them up to your chest. Again, don’t arch your body and don’t swing, you should not use momentum to perform this exercise. Continue until you fail.

Single Dumbbell “8’s”

Now is the time to drop one dumbbell and grip the other one with your both hands. Raise it in front of you and rotate your arms as if you draw horizontal “8’s” in the air. Again, keep your back straight and knees locked, don’t swing around to gain momentum.

Single Dumbbell Press Outs

Single Dumbbell Front Raise

Continue by still holding the dumbbell in your both hands and lower it down to the abdominal level. Push the dumbbell forward and upward to the shoulder level. Once again, keep your back straight and knees locked, don’t swing back as you move the dumbbell. After you fail, drop the dumbbell.

Mule Kicks

mule kick

Now we’re finishing off the set with bodyweight exercises. Normally they would be easy to perform but as your muscles are already exhausted they will be quite a challenge.

Mule kicks are done by standing on all fours with your body bent at about 90 degree angle, then shifting your weight to the arms and kicking your legs back and up.

Pike Push Ups

Pike push ups

The final exercise to end the workout are the pike push ups which are performed by standing on all fours with your body bent at about 90 degree angle then pushing down with your arms as if you’d do a normal push up while still keeping your body bent.

So, you start with the heaviest exercise and progress to easier ones in one big drop set. Keep doing as many reps as you can of each exercise in the correct form until you can’t keep going. Don’t rest, move to the next exercise immediately. This way it makes the workout extremely hard while it takes very little time. Again, you don’t need to spend hours on your workout if you do it hard enough. Condensing your workouts to shorter periods of time is more effective.

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