Is that even possible? 100 push ups in one set seems like a feat for a muscle machine not a regular guy as fit as he may be. You may have stumbled upon workout routines designed to improve your max number of reps in one set of push ups. They’re pretty elaborate daily routines detailed rep by rep. If it’s complicated, it must work, right?

Push Ups at Home

I’ll tell you this right off the bat, it will take you close to a year to get to 100 rep sets in good form push ups and only if you religiously follow the routine day in and day out. It will also change the way you workout because a complete push up workout will leave you exhausted and you can forget about other exercises that day.

Sacrificing your workout technique and consequently your gains just for the sake of increasing your max reps in one set of a single exercise doesn’t seem like a good idea. You will develop your arms and chest, but frankly, there are better ways to do that than knocking out hundreds of push ups.

So that’s a word of warning before you set out to complete 100 push ups for the show (that’s really all it is, isn’t it?) But there’s a way to incorporate this into your routine that will fit in any upper body workout day.

You have to understand one thing about the programs designed to increase max reps. All they do is make you go through failure so that your muscles get used to increasing the number of reps every day. You will also notice that following such a program to the letter is not that simple and you may find yourself going back and forth through levels. It’s because an individual body reacts differently to different stimuli so calculating such a generic plan in such a detail is quite impossible.

The Technique

Here’s a simple and easy to follow routine I propose:

Do your max number of reps in perfect form. That means slow controlled and full range movements. Keep your back straight, lower your chest to the ground, pause there for a second and move back up. Don’t use momentum to make it easier for yourself by springing back up. The key is to make it harder for yourself, not easier.

Now rest for two minutes and add 50% on top of your max and do those in the same manner. You will fail, of course, but as you do, stop in a plank position for a quick rest before you continue.

This technique of going beyond failure is short and will leave you time and energy for other exercises, your workout won’t become all push ups. And you will increase the number of reps over time.

The Workout

So, to sum up, here’s the workout:

  • Do max of perfect reps in one set
  • Rest for 2 mins
  • Do max+50% of prefect reps with plank rests


  • 40 reps
  • 2 min rest
  • 60 reps

As you do this every workout day, your max will slowly increase and so will the number of total reps you do.

When you do it for the show, you will not make it difficult for yourself so you will use the form that is “good enough”. You will also likely use short plank rests until you get to 100. So after you train correctly, your showtime push ups will come as if you defy gravity.

At the end of the day, it is possible:

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