Green tea has become a very popular option for people looking to lose weight and stay healthy. However, the biggest challenge most people face is following the strict green tea diet. Green tea is a calorie free beverage that can be added into your daily diet to help with weight loss. However, green tea alone will not help you lose pounds of fat. You have to incorporate other measures including a change of lifestyle and exercise. Without much ado, if you are looking to get started with a green tea diet here are some tips to help you:

Start Slowly

Incorporating green tea into your diet is a gradual process that must be taken on a step by step basis. You cannot wake up in the morning and decide that from now on it’s green tea and nothing else. Everything must be carefully planned in conjunction with your doctor or nutritionist. The green diet must then be introduced slowly until a time where you are comfortable to follow a strict diet.

Have a plan

Dieting for weight loss takes a lot of sacrifices; without a good plan, it becomes very difficult to achieve anything. In light of this, before you start a green tea diet, make sure you have a plan in place to guide you. The best thing to do is to actually develop your green tea diet with the help of a nutritional expert.

Understand Your Health Conditions

Green tea can sometimes have some side effects on people with specific medical conditions. Before you start with a green tea diet, you have to undergo a through medical check up to ascertain that you are indeed fit to go ahead.

Green tea is a perfect solution in losing weight but in order to get results, you have to follow the diet the best way possible.

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