Compound exercises are basically exercises which engage two or more joints. Since this type of exercise engages large muscle groups simultaneously, therefore they are capable of burning more calories in comparison to isolation exercises. Compound bicep workout is great because they target the biceps and triceps together so that no muscle group feels left out! Moreover, these also help one to build functional strength which is applicable to day to day life.

A bicep curl with deadlift is a compound bicep workout that provides great results. It helps in targeting muscles such as the biceps, forearms, legs, back, shoulders and lats. You just need to have a barbell to perform this exercise. Chin ups are also another great example of compound workout for biceps primarily. Apart from biceps, the primary muscle groups that this exercise move engages are forearms, lats and upper back. A pull up bar in required in order to perform chin ups.

If you have dumbbells lying around your house/gym then you can engage in bicep curl squat, bicep curl along with forward lunge, bicep curl with latetal lunge simultaneously or by stepping up one step and so on.

For beginners these exercises might come across as difficult but with regular practice and proper guidance (from a gym instructor or a professional trainer preferably), you will be able to perform them smoothly. Try to perform at least 2-3 sets everyday, each consisting of 10 repetitions each, in order to be able to see the desired results.

Of course, don’t forget to warm up prior to starting any of these compound exercises as warm ups will prep your body for the intense exercise moves coming up. Consistency is the key to performing compound bicep workout. With regular practice you will be able to improve your strength and get muscular arms that will surely impress the ladies!

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