Usually when it comes to ab and core training we use equipment like stability ball, medicine ball, and various no equipment floor exercises. Because one of the main functions of the core and abs is to provide your body with stability, the training comes down to putting your body to unstable positions where the core muscles mostly get engaged.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t use weights to train your abs. In fact, you get a lot of indirect ab training from weight lifting exercises, and you can totally work with weights to target those abs specifically. So today’s workout is all about training those abs with dumbbells.

Let’s cover the exercises.

One Arm Dumbbell Otis-ups

Otis-ups are performed as regular sit ups with an addition of weight raising above one’s head during the exercise. The one arm dumbbell otis-up variation shifts weight focus on one side thus adding some stress on obliques too, as you have to keep your body stable throughout the movement. To perform, take a dumbbell and hold it up at the top in a kind of bench press position. Then proceed to sit up by flexing your spine and contracting the abs.

One arm otis up


Russian Twists

Take a a dumbbell in a double grip and sit down on the floor while keeping the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Set yourself back so that the abs are fully engaged. Perform twists with the dumbbell to each side. To make the exercise even harder, lift your legs off the floor so that you balance completely on your glutes.

Dumbbell russian twist


Dumbbell Pullover Crunches

To perform the dumbbell pullover crunch, lie on the floor fully extended and take two dumbbells in your hands. Lift your hips up by flexing the spine and bring the knees up bent at a 90 degree angle. At the same time, bring the dumbbells up to the legs by lifting your shoulders off the floor.

Dumbbell pullover crunch


Weighted Crunches

Finally, a simple exercise to end the workout – the weighted crunches. Take a dumbbell in both hands and bring it to the chest level. Perform the sit ups by flexing your spine and focusing on contracting the abs.

Weighted situps


The Workout

The complete workout is as follows:

  • One arm dumbbell otis-ups – 3×15 each side
  • Russian twists – 3×20
  • Dumbbell pullover crunches – 3×15
  • Weighted crunches – 3×15

So there you have it, a complete dumbbells only workout for the abs. It’s pretty intense and you can include it to your lower body workout routine.



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