Believe it or not, Greg O’Gallagher of Kinobody has quite a few of female followers as well. So he decided to directly address the girls too with a special program called Kinobooty.

Now, the naming of the program is pretty self-explanatory. But at the same time, it is a bit shallow if you ask me. Because it doesn’t actually make justice to the actual content of the course, which is absolutely phenomenal.

Give Kinobooty Program a try.

The philosophy behind Kinobooty

The goal of the program is to help women get into amazing shape. And Greg has a very specific target for that “amazing shape”.

The ratio

According to him your ultimate goal as a woman should be to reach a specific waist to hip ratio of 0.7 to 1. Which is, in fact, the strongest sign of physical attraction in women, according to evolutionary psychology studies.

So the entire Kinobooty program is actually designed to reduce body fat and build your muscles, specifically the glutes, to the point where you are getting really close to that 0.7 to 1 ratio.

As far as I know, there aren’t really that many program form women who have such a specific goal, and I think Greg really nailed it with being so specific. On top of that, there’s no way in hell a woman will not look attractive when the waist is significantly smaller than the hip.

Diet the right way

Unlike the vast majority of diet plans out there which aren’t really helping you look better, the Kinobooty nutritional advice really works wonders.

Right now, the big hype diets are such as the low carb or the keto diet, aren’t really effective at all if you are an active, healthy individual. If you work out 3 times a week you will need to eat a diet which is high in protein, high in carbs and low in fats.

You need the protein to sustain muscle growth, you need a good amount of carbs to fill your muscles up with glycogen and you also need the fat to keep you healthy at a hormonal level.

So instead of doing to how carb, high fat non-sense, Greg suggests turning around to 180 degrees and doing the exact opposite.

The Kinobooty program gets into plenty of detail with the nutrition puts an emphasis on achieving a caloric deficit state, mostly by doing Intermittent Fasting. There are 3 different stages:

  • The Lean Up Phase
  • The Re-Composition Phase
  • The Booty Gainz Phase

Focus on the right training principles

Many of the training programs for women are complete crap. You see a lot of aerobic exercises, lots and lots of cardio and hardly any resistance training.

That’s probably why there’s this misconception among women that any sort of weight training is will make you bulky and that only men should lift weights. That is completely wrong.

So Kinobooty focuses on strengthening the glutes instead. If your glutes are not getting stronger your butt will not grow bigger. So you have a handful of exercises which you need to include in your training program.

And for each and every exercise you need to use the progressive overload training method. Meaning that you need to focus on getting stronger, doing more reps and pushing more weight. I know that does not sound like your everyday workout program for women, but it works.

What do you get from Kinobooty

The program will take 12 weeks to complete and is divided into 7 different sections. Now, if you ask me 12 weeks is not that much and chances are that you will probably need to go through the program twice to see more drastic changes.

In fact, even Greg suggests that if you need to lose more than 15 pounds of body fat, you will probably need 24 weeks, not 12.

The reason for that is you can actually lose that amount of body fat in such a short period of time unless you are messing up your metabolism and hormones. So instead of doing a stupid thing like that, just take your time and go through the program once more.

Alright, so going back to the 7 different sections of the program I was telling you about.

In the first 2 sections Greg talks a little bit about the waist to hips ratio and why you want to make the 0.7 to 1 ratio your main goal, and why you need to use progressive overload.

The sections 3 and 4 are the real “meat” of the program. Here you get the different workout routines which focus solely on the lower body, with an emphasis on activating the glutes more. You also get video tutorials that will walk you through each of these exercises.

Then there’s the nutrition guide, which we already talked about briefly.

Section number 6 is called “Mindset Development” and I found it to be really interesting and helpful. Greg outlined six drills you can do each week, to train your mind for success.

The 7th and last section is the access to the private Facebook group.

Why Kinobooty works

The Kinobooty program is different from other similar products that target women by the simple fact that it focuses on recomposing your body. While other products just focus on losing weight by following these crash diets or detoxing programs that will get you nowhere near that look you are after.

Kinobooty will make you leaner and more toned up. You will be more muscular than before and you may even end up maintaining your bodyweight because the amount of body fat you lose can be offset by the amount of muscle you are gaining.

And that’s totally fine. You shouldn’t be that concerned with the numbers on the scale anyway. Be more concerned with the way you look instead.

What I like about the product:

  • It has a clear goal (“the ratio”)
  • It offers great nutritional advice
  • The video tutorials are awesome
  • The mindset development section

What I don’t like about the product:

  • It doesn’t offer any advice on full body training (it focuses on the lower body only)

Give Kinobooty Program a try.


So if you are looking for a program that will get you the results while still allowing you to enjoy life the Kinobooty might be just the right choice. You literally can get your dream body without suffering each and every day.

You can enjoy the process and still the foods you like, have the time to spend with your friends or family and just balance everything. Spending hours and hours in the gym or starving yourself is not the solution. And Greg totally gets that.

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