This biceps workout chart, step by step, will help you increase your bicep muscle size and strength (there’s a printable pdf version at the end of this post too). It’s divided into 5 levels so you can follow it at whatever level you choose. The choice of level is at your own discretion, which one you choose depends on how advance you are in your training. Keep in mind, the chart does not indicate the weight used – you should choose the weight so that you can push your strength to the limit with each set.

The workout level are further divided into 5 levels, as mentioned. The first level is a beginner level, sometimes can be used as a warm-up routine further.

Some levels will have two workouts, that means you can choose one of them, or alternate between the two. Don’t push two hard doing both workouts in a row because they are made for beginners and train the same muscles anyway.

The workouts are to be carried out once per week.

  • The very first is the beginner level.biceps workout chart level 1
  • Level 2 is a bit more advanced but it’s still good for beginners.biceps workout chart level 2
  • Level 3 workout chart is intermediate and puts more pressure on your biceps to get used to progression.biceps workout chart level 3
  • After getting used to the workload and progressing fast with previous workout it’s time to put more pressure on your biceps and introduce more exercises to your workout in Level 4.biceps workout chart level 4
  • Once you’re getting used to the previous level workout and progressing steadily, you can choose and even higher Level 5. It will be much harder to progress with weights with this workout and it should be enough to keep your biceps busy for years to come.biceps workout chart level 5

Remember, you progress as you increase weights in each workout and exercise. But don’t try to increase the weights too fast, try to keep the exercise form perfect. Choose a higher level workout only if you feel you have enough strength to do more exercises after completing your workout.

You can also download a printable pdf version of this biceps workout chart.

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