I like little techniques that make big impact in the way you train. After all, you have to train not only hard but smart too. So anything you do to improve your workout performance will benefit you in the long run, especially when it takes as little as 3 seconds to implement. Today I want to share with you a technique that will affect the way you train your lower abs for that v-cut shape.

Leg raises

This may or may not come as a surprise to you but the strength in your lower abs comes from your upper legs. The adductor muscles in your inner thighs come up all the way to your pelvis and provide a base for the lower ups that run down from above. That means these muscles provide the base for your lower abs and their contraction strength depends on it.

Adductors Leg Muscles

Think of it this way, in order to contract, the lower ab muscles need a solid base to pull off from which they get from the adductors if they’re contracted and provide the tension required. So in order to work the abs better we need to provide that tension in the inner thighs.

How do you activate the adductor muscles? They get contracted as you squeeze your thighs together, so that’s what you have to do in order to improve your lower ab exercises.

Modified Leg Raises

One of the best exercises for lower abs is the leg raise or hanging leg raise. You do it by lifting your legs up, so if you take some object (such as a tennis ball) between your knees and squeeze it as you perform the exercise it will activate the adductors and provide a solid base for your lower abs to pull off from. You will immediately feel the difference as you do the exercise with this small modification.

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