If you are looking for the best muscle workout programs out there, maybe this will help you. There many programs out there that say that they are the best at working your muscles. Some may work better than others for your body type. Here are a few that may give you good results.

The first one is the 10 week mass building program. This program uses each muscle group using mainly heavy compound exercises. Your training will be on a 4 day split routine where you will rest on Wednesdays and on the weekends. While on this exercise program, you will need to eat big meals at least 5 times a day. Some of the exercises you will be doing are: barbell bench press, decline bench press, tricep extension, tricep bench dip, seated row, bent over barbell row, concentration curl, upright row, military press, squat, leg curl, and standing calf raise.

The second one is the muscle building workout routine. This program uses the upper/lower split. This means that each muscle group gets exercised once between every 3rd and 5th day. This means that it gets exercised about twice per week. This program divides everything into two different types of workouts. The first one will work your upper body. Some of the exercises you will do for the upper body are: bench press, row, lat pull-downs, dumbbell curls, pull ups, seated cable row, skull crushers, and lateral raises. The second one will work your lower body. Some of the exercises that you will do for your lower body workout are: Romanian deadlifts, abs, leg press, slit squats, seated calf raises, laying leg curls, and seated leg curls.

So as you can see, these programs will work out your muscles individually. They will also mostly likely give you the results you are looking for.

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