You don’t have to run on the treadmill for an hour for a conditioning cardio workout. If you make a workout intense enough, by the end of it you’ll regret (in a good way) the decision of starting this 8 minute workout. This workout is great to burn fat as well as build muscle providing high intensity training.

Conditioning Workout

The iron man conditioning workout consists of 4 exercises that you’ll do 2 minutes each. Let’s look at these exercises in detail.

Push Up Punches

Starting with push ups, we increase the intensity by adding some explosive movement. To perform the exercise, do a regular push up and punch one arm in the air after pushing up. Alternate hands with each repetition. It hits your arms and chest like regular push ups but adds core stability training as you destabilize your body during the punches, recruiting more muscles. It’s a great exercise to start the work out and prepare your body for what’s to come.

Pushup Punches


Dumbbell Recliner Punch

Moving on, we add some weight training the intensity of which you can adjust based on your fitness level. Take two dumbbells and sit on the floor. Now lift your feet slightly off the ground and slightly recline with your back. Perform alternating dumbbell punches, in addition twisting your feet slightly to the sides. This exercise works your arms, shoulders, your core and obliques.

Dumbbell Recliner Punches


Cyclone Lunges

Time to hit your legs with the cyclone lunges. To perform the exercise, stand with your feet shoulder wide and your arms up straight to the sides. Twist your body to the side and do a lunge, alternating sides with each repetition. Take light dumbbells or weight plates in your hands to add to intensity.

Cyclone Lunge


Mule Kicks

Finally, we do mules kicks for explosive power and to squeeze the last of what you’ve got. To perform, plant your arms to the floor and kick your feet back by shifting your weight to your arms and shoulders. Stand upright after each kick for a complete rep.

mule kick

The Workout

  • Punch push ups – 2 minutes
  • Dumbbell recliner punches – 2 minutes
  • Cyclone lunges – 2 minutes
  • Mule kicks – 2 minutes

If you survive this 8 minute workout, you’ll never need long cardio ever again to burn fat and get great muscle definition.

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