Muscle Gains Abs

It’s not easy on a person’s ego when he works hard at muscle building but remains thin or chunky. This is not a problem with genetic makeup but with the way you approach body building. Here are some of the mistakes people make when they try to build muscle.

1. Doing It Alone

Your skills in other areas of life or work don’t necessarily cross over. Everyone needs a coach when they pick up something new. Try working out alone to build muscle and you are likely to fall into bad habits or lose motivation. A coach or even a network of fellow muscle building enthusiasts will supply great ideas and continued inspiration.

2. Not Eating Enough

Muscle weighs more than fat and is built up by eating protein sourced from whey, chicken, fish, and nuts. There’s a good chance your diet is too low in protein-based calories or contains too many carbohydrates. Keep a food journal complete with a calorie count and don’t cheat by adding calories from junk food.

3. A Bit Dry

Are you drinking enough water? This is the fluid you need, not energy drinks and milkshakes. Hydrated muscles recover more quickly and fully from stress.

4. Inflexible Attitude

Your muscles are growing but they’re easily injured if you don’t stretch. Flex and release those muscles in a variety of soothing ways after every workout or risk suffering an injury that sets you back weeks.

5. Stick to the Program

Working out at one routine can become dull. Then again, you might love the workout but are afraid of plateaus. Muscles need to be challenged but the moves you’re doing were chosen to build muscle in particular areas so as to stress them to the point of failure and, eventually, growth.

6. Excessive Goals

Everyone should set goals but keep them realistic. Yes, strive to grow and become better at bodybuilding but don’t set an unattainable standard. You’ll feel like a failure and probably give up.

7. Too Much Too Soon

Take your time and build up to the bigger weights. Let lifting one of these be a goal; something you can achieve regularly, not as a fluke. Otherwise, you simply risk injury.

Body Building Success

Overall, it is not difficult to succeed at muscle building with determination and discipline. Just search for a program that has received lots of great reviews and stay focused. Don’t starve your body. Choose high-quality food and associate with intelligent body builders to remain motivated and goal-oriented.

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