Kettlebells are excellent for developing physical strength, agility and aerobic fitness. These exercises are great for explosive training and increasing workout intensity which helps improving your metabolic rate. So they are great for fat loss as well as muscle building.

Kettlebell Workout

Begin by selecting a suitable weight – typically, men use 16-30 kg, whereas women use 8-16kg weights. You will vary the weight based on the exercise you perform. Here are seven kettlebell moves that are sure to give you the physique of your dreams.

Goblet Squats

Hold the kettlebell at chest level, then lower yourself down into a squatting position. Flex your abdominal muscles, then stand up quickly. Do this prior to your workout, to develop your glute muscles and loosen your hips.

Goblet squat


One Armed Front Squats

Hold the kettlebell at shoulder level, with your elbow at waist level. Then, lower yourself down into a squatting position. Stand up again, keeping the weight near to your chest. This develops a strong core, because your abdominal muscles do much of the work.

Kettlebell Swings

Begin with the kettlebell on the floor and assume a deadlift pose. Next, swing the kettlebell backwards through your legs (similar to a football center), and propel your hips forward vigorously. Visualize driving the kettlebell forward to hit a target.

Kettlebell Swing


Single Armed Swings

Perform this move as above. However, this time grasp the kettlebell in one hand while swinging. Change hands as you complete each rep. This variation engages your core more. If you’re up for a challenge, change hands while swinging the dumbbell midair, this will work your muscles in spontaneous movement as you’ll have to catch and¬†stop the dumbbell from falling.

Two Armed Kettlebell Rows

Position two kettlebells in front of your feet, with your knees slightly bent. Now, lean forwards to grasp each kettlebell then drag them towards your belly. Keep your back straight and your elbows near to your body. Put the weights down then repeat.

Turkish Get Ups

Hold the kettlebell above you, while you are lying down. Stand up, while holding the kettlebell high throughout. Do not use your arms to help you stand up. This movement works your leg, shoulder, core and glute muscles.

Turkish Get-up


Kettlebell Figure Eights

Begin in a partial squat position and grasp the kettlebell in your left hand. Move this round your left leg, then back inbetween your legs. Now, grasp the kettlebell in your other hand and move it round your right leg. Try to maintain this movement for about sixty seconds, and change directions midway through.

Kettlebell Figure Eights


The number of sets and reps you perform will vary, based on your level of fitness. For the majority of these kettlebell moves though, it is best to aim for ten to twelve¬†reps of three to five sets. Choose weights so you’re reaching failure at the end of each set.

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