Dumbbell Exercise

Whether you want to bulk up or simply tone the arms, the right movements can make the difference. Some movements give muscles more definition and target the areas most people want to improve. Below are 7 dumbbell exercises designed to get the most out of your workout, regardless of fitness level, age, or size.

Reverse Curls

Reverse bicep curls target the upper arms and biceps. Begin by holding the dumbbell bars with hands over the tops. Slowly bring both bars toward the body, stopping at shoulder height. Follow the same lines to bring bars down to the resting position.

Reverse Dumbbell Curls

Hammer Curls

These exercises also target the biceps and upper arms. Turn each bar sideways grab each bar from the outside, with fingers facing each other. Raise both bars toward the shoulders and slowly bring back down, to a resting position. Try to keep the same line with the downward movement, keeping the sideways bars in a straight line.

Hammer Curls

Bicep Curls

These traditional exercises should be done slowly, with the arms facing nearly 45 degrees away from the front of the body. The bars are grasped from underneath. Begin by slowly bringing bars up to the shoulders, in a straight line. Slowly let the bars down to the resting position. By lowering the arms slowly, the biceps and forearms get a more intense workout. These exercises will work the back and leg muscles as well.

Bicep Curls

Click the image to learn how to do bicep curls correctly.

Targeted Curls

For curls targeting the arms alone, do the bicep curls sitting on a bench or chair.

Big Arms Bicep Curls

Click the image for the big arms workout challenge.

Concentration Curls

The bicep concentration curls are done in a seated position. Begin by placing the elbow against the inner thigh on the same side, with elbows bent, hands grasping the bars from underneath. With the torso leaning slightly forward, bring the bar up to the shoulder. Each side should be done individually.

Concentration Curls

Incline Bicep Curls

This exercise is done using a weight bench, with the back tilted backward halfway between sitting straight up and lying flat on the back. It begins with the arms on the bars at the shoulder, slowly lowering the bars to the knees and bring them up again.

Incline Bicep Curl

Supine Curls

This movement requires lying flat on the weight bench. Begin by grasping the bars from underneath. Arms are slowly lowered to the height of the bench, then brought up to the shoulders.

Supine Curls

Any of these dumbbell exercises can be done with a simple weight bench and dumbbell set. 10 repetitions is the minimum number for each exercise, though the number can be increased over time.

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