If you want to gain more stability, strength, and balance when it comes to your leg muscles, bodyweight exercises for legs are the way to go. The key is to be consistent and precise with each position, so that you can gain the optimal benefits from these effective exercises.

Bodyweight Leg Training

It is a good idea to switch up your workout routine throughout the week, so that you do not suffer from burn out. Also, it will improve the effectiveness if you are working different muscles frequently by adding in new exercises for legs when you feel the need for a change.

Bodyweight Squat

Naturally, the bodyweight squat is the first on the list as it’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about bodyweight leg training. And rightfully so – this exercise will train your quads and increase your heart rate pretty quickly. Make sure you lower yourself down at least so that your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle, but you can perform deep squats as well for more intensity.

Home squats


Pistol Squat

If regular bodyweight squats are too easy for you, this single leg variation will definitely be a challenge. Move your free leg straight forward as you squat down with the other leg and then move back up. Make sure you don’t use any help of your hands and keep your back straight. It’s certainly a challenging exercise, so don’t beat yourself down if you can’t do it just yet.

Single Leg Squats


King Squat

Take one of your knees, and bend it behind you. Squat so that your bent knee reaches the ground. Then, lean backward as you strive to keep your body’s weight on your heel. Stretch and lift your arms as you descend into this position.

Step Ups

Take a chair and step up on it one leg at a time, driving the free leg up with the knee. With this exercise you’re working more of your glutes as well as the quads. You can also engage the calves more at the same time if you jump up after stepping up on the surface.

Step-up thrust



As a full body exercise, it will really get your heart racing. If you want to focus on the legs (we’re talking about them, after all) add a jump up after you complete each burpee. Keep your pace high, each repetition should be complete in a seamless explosive manner.

How To Do Burpees Exercise

Mountain Climbers

Improve your cardiovascular endurance and work on developing stability and core strength with this intermediate exercise. Begin in the push-up position, making sure that you have your arms beneath your shoulders and entirely straight. Keep your body in a straight line. Tighten your abs and lift one knee until it reaches your chest. Bring it to starting position, and then repeat with the other knee for a total of 20 reps. Increase your pace so that you’re actually shuffling your feet fast. To make it harder, get down on your elbows as the starting position.

Sissy Squat

Despite the name, this exercise is not for sissies and it’s great to train your leg stability and strength. To perform, get your heels off the floor a couple inches (you can use plates or some blocks for support) so your weight is on your toes. Lean back as you bend the legs at the knees and go as deep as you can, then move back up again.

Sissy Squat

So these are our 7 favorite bodyweight leg exercises, there’s certainly something to choose from to add to your workouts and mix things up a little for better training.

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