Gym Workout

Whenever you do a bench press, sit up or bicep curl, your body adapts itself to carry out that movement more efficiently. If you are body building, your muscles will grow as strong as necessary to train with the weights you choose, but then they will level off. To make continued progress, you need to modify your workout to challenge your muscles. Here are the signs to look for, which indicate that it’s time to rethink your training regimen.

Improvement is not Forthcoming

If your progress stalls after a few weeks — perhaps you’re not able to lift any more weight in the gym, or your physique isn’t altering — you should probably switch things up a little. Try doing aerobic workouts some days and strength training other days. Also, incorporate a martial arts or yoga class every now and then.

You’re not Lifting Enough Weight

If the weights you use in your workouts do not feel heavy enough, you might need to address this to push your muscles harder. Frequently, people opt for lighter weights to get more repetitions in. However, this does not challenge your muscles effectively. Using heavier weights is a much better way of stimulating muscle growth quickly.

You Become Bored During Your Workout

If you keep doing the same training week after week, you will get bored quickly. Add some variety to your workouts by playing different tunes on your iPod, training outdoors or finding a workout partner. Changes like these will keep your workout sessions interesting and enjoyable, and make you look forward to each session.

After Your Workout you Feel Extremely Sore and Tired

A common sign of overtraining is soreness or tiredness in between gym sessions. The human body requires time for recuperation. You may require up to seven days rest to physically and mentally recover from overtraining. After you have recharged your batteries, begin again slowly. Reassess your training routine and make adjustments that will stop this from occurring in future.

Your Thirst is Unquenchable

If you are constantly thirsty, after a period of prolonged physical activity, there’s a high probability that you are pushing yourself too hard. An insatiable thirst causes a catabolic state, which results in dehydration. To remedy this symptom of overtraining, you should drink more water and scale down the intensity of your workouts. Take heed of the above advice to stay motivated in your quest to enhance your physical fitness.

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