A resistance band and a medicine ball can significantly contribute to building a killer core, boosting your athletic performance and getting rid of unwanted fat. Here’s how.

Medicine Ball Training


Here are some high intensity exercises using this equipment for a weight loss boost.

Supine Position Medicine Ball Chest Throw

10 reps
30-second rest

For this exercise, you should be in a supine position, lying down with your heels planted close to your glutes. Your back and head should also be flat on the ground and your shoulder blades should be retracted down your back. Extend through your elbows while exploding the ball up. Use both hands to catch the ball. The aim is to throw the ball as high as possible, straight up in the air, while you maintain control. Ensure that you keep a steady rhythm to make the move effective.

Medicine Ball Half-kneeling Rotary Throw

10 reps on each side
30-second rest

For this exercise, you need to get into a half-kneeling position a few feet from a wall. You should not be facing the wall but be parallel to it. Your left leg should be “up,” while kneeling on the ground with your right leg (knee should be at a 90-degree angle while the foot is planted, similar to an exaggerated lunge). The medicine ball should be held down by your right hip. In this position, throw the ball against the wall while twisting to the left. Catch the ball and freeze a little while before lowering it down toward the right hip. For the duration of the exercise, concentrate on placing most of your weight on the leg closest to the wall, keep your leg as still as possible. To protect your spine, your back must be kept tall and your core tight.

High Knee Run with Resistance Band

15 Seconds
45 – 60 seconds rest

At the front of your hips, place a resistance band and walk forward to create tension. Lean forward and effectively sprint in place by working explosive high knees, ensuring you land on the balls of your feet. Help to drive your knees by pumping your arms through the movement.

Resistance Band Pushup

10 reps
45-sec rest

With your palms resting in the loops of the resistance band, wrap it across your back and shoulders. Get into a regular pushup position and tension will be created as your hands anchor the resistance band.

Resistance Band Forward Acceleration, Deceleration

10 reps
45 to 60 seconds rest

Place the resistance band on the front of the hips. Run forward and stop when the band reaches full tension. Decelerate and go in reverse until the tension is fully released. Decelerate slowly and fight against the band; do not allow it to yank you back. This move is like the acceleration and deceleration required for football, basketball or other sports where athletes sprint at full capacity, break away and decelerate before they run in another direction.

With consistency and dedication, carrying out these metabolic moves will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals, while optimizing your health.

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