Back pain is perhaps the most common ailment that seems to affect most adults in the modern world. More often than not, the back ache is caused by bad posture, lack of exercise and sitting in the same position for long stretches of time. Here are some stretches for back pain that should help you. If you complete each exercise in 1 minute, the whole routine will take only 4 minutes of your time, however don’t rush it, take your time.

Before we begin…

While you may be tempted to avoid exercise when you are in pain, stretching your body should ease the discomfort. Try to wear loose, comfortable clothing when you intend to stretch the body. So, doing stretches in your skinny jeans is not a good idea. Begin slow and stay steady…

  1. Lie back with your knees bent, while the heels are comfortably placed on the floor. Place your hands under the right knee and bring it towards the chest, hold the position and then place the leg back onto the ground. Now repeat the same movement with the left knee.Stretches on the floor
  2. Lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. At the same time slowly pull your head forward towards your chest, hold the position, and then release.Back pain stretches on the floor
  3. Stand straight, with your feet comfortably apart. Now stretch your right leg forward and bend, and kneel down on your left knee. Your left calf should be in contact with the mat. Hold this position, and return to standing position and then repeat with the other leg.Kneel stretch
  4. Position yourself next to a wall. Lie down on your back and raise your legs straight so as to place them on the wall. Your buttocks should be pressed against the wall, and your back should feel at ease. Maintain this position for a few minutes.Stretch against the wall

If stretching your body causes pain, stop. Do not force your body into a position that is painful. Remember to stretch your body slowly, hold for about 20 seconds, and contract your muscles at the same pace. Do 5-10 repetitions of each stretching exercise. If you are in a rush, then perhaps it is not the best time to do the stretches for back pain.

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