A game of soccer could be exhausting, with 90 minutes of incessant footwork and regular body contact with fellow players. Getting fit for soccer entails building your lower- and upper-body strength, and also cardio endurance-building aerobic exercises. The following are the exercises to get in shape for soccer.


Upper-body strengthening is essential for brushing off tackles and scrabbling during corner shots. The regular push-up is recommended to build upper-body strength. Other types are also recommended, such as incline push-ups, decline push-ups and push-ups with gym balls. Eight to 12 repetitions of chin-ups, weighted dips and bench press are also suggested.

Soccer player get in shape


Building the legs safeguards knees from injury. Dumbbell squats, leg curls, calf raises, 30-second stationary bike burst, 100-meter sprint, dumbbell lunges on each leg, etc. are recommended exercises. The exact repetitions and duration of the exercise may vary with individuals. Take up what you can possibly accomplish. Increase counts gradually. Lower-body training should be done at least two times a week with a 24-hour break in between workouts.


Aerobic exercises help build cardio strength, which is essential for soccer. The exercises typically comprise sprint drills; therefore, the time needed to do the exercises is fairly short. Do a variety of sprints: 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-yard sprints with varying repetitions. Take a one minute rest between sprints and don’t overexert yourself during sprints. Don’t aim to hit maximum speeds. Other similar exercises include rowing, cycling and climbing. These cardio workouts must be done thrice per week on alternate days. Don’t eat anything at least two hours before the workouts.

Footwork Drills

These drills help enhance agility, which improves your passing ability and ball control. Do toe taps, step overs, and scissors and roll. Perform a couple of sets of all drills, with a 30-second gap between drills.

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