When it comes to burning fat and gaining muscle, everybody is an expert. From the late night infomercial guru to the chatty gym attendant, it seems that everyone has a theory for getting huge. This pervasion of weight gain punditry makes it very difficult for the average Joe to zero in on the best weight lifting program to gain muscle. Fortunately, there are a few universal weight lifting programs that you can apply to help you gain muscle.

Here are three excellent workout programs that can help you gain muscle fast.

1. Log clean and press

This is perhaps the most basic, old school exercise for anyone looking to build muscle. This is the essence of weight training. All you have to do is pick up a weight off the ground and put it overhead. This workout program comes with near zero learning curve. Thus, you can master the technique within 5-10 minutes. This workout program focuses on the upper back, shoulder and forearm muscles.

2. Safety Bar Squat

If you are looking to pack size on your legs then you need to get your mass under a bar and squat. The problem with the traditional back squat is that most people find it too difficult. However, it is easy to squat properly with the safety bar. The added advantage of the safety bar is that it does not exert any stress on the shoulders. Performing back squats with the regular straight bar tend to cause irritation to the shoulder, especially if you are big, tight or both. It makes absolutely no sense taxing your shoulders on a lower body workout if you do not have to. A slightly bent Buffalo bar that allows for a lower hand position is another great option for your consideration when doing this workout.

3. Trap Bar Deadlift

It is very rare that someone can squat with decent form. It is even very rare to find someone who can deadlift with passable form. Most people can achieve this by putting in several weeks of mobility work and strengthening. However, the trap bar deadlift is one of the workouts that you can do perfectly the first time you try it. It is more like a hybrid of a deadlift and a squat, so you get to kill two birds with one stone. Additionally, it is safer than the regular deadlifts and squats and tends to leave you feeling less worn out in between the workouts.

There is no question that strong is the new skinny. However, the truth is putting on muscle is easier said than done. With the best weight lifting program to gain muscle, you can add mass and realize your dream shape in no time.

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