One way to live a long and healthy life is to develop the habit of intermittent fasting. This is because fasting once in a while keeps your weight down, protects you from certain medical conditions and keeps your organs in good working condition. Below are some ways to fast properly and the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Method #1

You can begin your intermittent fasting routine with the “eat-stop-eat” approach. This method is flexible in the sense that you do not have to stick to any strict or inconvenient rules. You simply eat when you are hungry and skip a meal when you are not felling hungry. You can even modify this system by eating only when you have work to do. The point here is that food is “fuel” so you need to eat when your body requires fuel to power your body system. When you do not have work to do, you can simply give your digestive system a break.

Intermittent fasting

Method #2

Another smart way to practice intermittent fasting is to replace food with water. The beauty of this system is that your body needs more water than food most of the time. If you are a desk-bound executive, you can simply eat breakfast before you leave for the office. Do not take a lunch break and do not eat lunch. Just drink water for lunch and eat dinner when you get back home. Make this a habit and you will lose weight, get more work done at the office and stay healthy most of your life.

Method #3

You can also establish a pattern by fasting one day or two days in a week. This may sound challenging but you can make it work by eating a little food on your fasting days. Get into the habit of intermittent fasting because it is good for your sugar level and good for your blood pressure.

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