Summer is just around the corner and in just a few weeks you will be hitting the beach, but are you ready to take your shirt off? If you’ve slacked away during winter and spring, you probably need a quick plan and good one at that to get you in shape.

Beach Body

Now, it would be much easier to stay in shape throughout the year, but if life got in your way, you can still take last minute measures and improve your look in just a few weeks. What you need to do also depends on your shape – whether you need to gain more muscle or just get rid of fat.

There are basically three things you need to do to start getting in shape fast.

#1 Get Your Diet Right

Diet is the number one thing that will get you that beach body and you have to start taking it seriously now. If you just need to lose fat, you will have to cut down the carbs dramatically and survive on protein and some healthy fats only. Avoid carbs especially in the later part of the day.

If you need to gain muscle fast, you will have to increase the overall caloric intake, including complex carbs. Make sure you load up on calories in the morning for energy, but keep the carbs low in the evenings – you don’t want to gain fat on those muscles either.

#2 Full Body High Intensity Workouts

There’s no time to mess around, so for fast results, you will have to increase your workout intensity dramatically. Instead of focusing on certain muscle groups, aim for a full body workout each time.¬†Choose compound exercises that involve more muscle groups – squats, deadlifts, rows, pull ups, kettlebell swings, are great examples. Aim to increase the range of motion and involve more muscle in each repetition as possible.

Keep the workouts shorter but a lot more intensive. Decrease the rest time to the minimum, just so you can catch your breath between sets. Your goal is to burn as much calories as fast as you can. It will be hard, but hard times take extreme measures.

#3 Shift Focus to Lacking Areas

Besides full body workouts, you will want to focus on the lacking parts of your body – abs and calves are great examples. That means you will have to add exercises that focus on each of this body part to very workout. A good option is to do it in the beginning while you’re fresh and you can hit that body part hard, activating the target muscles and then overloading them during the rest of workout.

When it comes to abs, you can and should train them everyday without rest days. Abs are the muscle group that can take it and you should make use of this feature, so to speak, to get them ripped as fast as possible.

It is possible to get that beach body before you have to take your shirt off, but you have to start working on it now and don’t put it away any longer. And our advice for the next season¬†is to keep training throughout the year so that you already have the perfect body when summer comes.


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