Working your abs and core at home or when you’re away on a trip can be difficult if you have no equipment to use for a hard workout. You can knock out hundreds of sit ups but there are many reasons why they’re not effective enough and take way too much time. So here’s a fast but intensive workout that will work your abs and your core at the same time.

V Sits

For this workout we will do modified v-sits. The simple v-ups are done by lying on the grown and lifting your legs and back up off the floor while contracting your abs. This makes your body look a little bit like a v-shape bent at the pelvis, thus the name for the exercise.

V-sits Exercise

Modified V-Sits

But we will do a harder modified version of this exercise. Instead of lying fully on the ground, you will keep your legs a couple inches off the ground. That will have your abs contracted and core working all the time. So as you do a v-sit, lift your legs up slightly bend at the knees, sit up with your hands extended forwards, then lay back down and extend your legs but keep them slightly up off the ground.

But we’re not done yet. To make it even more intense, we will add some planking to this routine. As you extend your legs and body, hold this position for several seconds, while still keeping your legs and back slightly off the floor.

The Complete 2 Minute Workout

  • Start with v-sits, make 21 reps
  • Hold the plank position as explained above for 7 seconds
  • Make 14 more reps of v-sits
  • Hold the plank for 7 seconds
  • Make 7 more reps of v-sits
  • Hold the plank for 7 seconds
  • Make 7 more reps of v-sits

How to Make It Even More Difficult?

You should move in slow controlled motions as you do the v-sits by allowing your muscles to extend and contract fully. If you do that, this workout will hit your abs and core hard enough.

And additional modification you may do is hold a tennis ball or some object between your legs, thus contracting your inner thighs and providing more resistance for your lower abs.

Finally, you can do more rounds if you feel like you can do it, after all a single round only takes 2 minutes.

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